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How it Works

Gutenreader is powered by Project Gutenberg, a library of over 60,000 books that have expired copyrights in the United States, and therefore are able to be shared online. Most of the books are older, as copyrights take time to expire. If you are not in the United States, some books on this website may not be legally downloaded.

Can I read online?

Yes, most of our books can be read online. You can also download books to read on your device.

Is it legal?

All the books on this website either have an expired copyright in the United States, or have explicit permission from the author or publisher saying that they can be included on this website. So, yes, this website is legal in the United States. Some content may not be legal in other countries.

Are there limits?

Project Gutenberg does not allow mass downloads. If you get an error saying that you are blocked, this is not us. We recommend that you don't download more than one book within 24 hours. You can sometimes also get this error if you are on a school or public network, as Project Gutenberg can't tell the difference between two devices on the same network.

Gutenreader would not be possible without Project Gutenberg and Gutendex. Audiobooks would not be possible without LibriVox.

What's new?

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